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Quantum Leaps in Quickie Fashion

Using the newest fitness technology, we deliver total body resistance training sessions to your doorstep that take just 12 minutes - and the sessions are more efficient and safer than free weights.
Don't Believe It? Give us a Try!

The most convenient workout you'll ever find.

Get results in as little as 15 minutes per week, delivered directly to you, wherever you are!

It feels like cheating.

The workouts are so short compared to what we're used to, it feels like cheating to only workout 30 minutes a week.

Achieve your goals with confidence.

Whatever your goals - weight loss, sports performance, longevity - every session is designed to get you one step closer.

You need to try it to believe it. This workout is different than any you've done before.

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Encourage your team to make a difference in their biometrics and overall well-being by adding a resistance training program to the mix
Boost your Wellness program
Groups for Friends

Groups for Friends

Find and give support and camaraderie to others. Get FIT with your friends, colleagues, or teammates!
Create A Group of Friends
Injury Rehab

Injury Rehab

No need to back off your resistance training because of an injury.  We have alternatives to ensure you're safe while working to keep your current state of fitness.
Safe Injury Rehab

Getting started is easy


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Talk to our Athletic Trainer

We will call you to assess where you are, assign the best coach for you, and schedule your first workout.

Experience the difference for yourself

Experience the anti-gravity world of unlimited resistance. But be careful, you just might get hooked!

Inspiring change in the Central Valley
One workout at a time

Check Out the Many Health Benefits of Strength Training!

Strengthen your joints & reduce your risk of injury

Lower your blood pressure & risk of hypertension

Increase bone density & reduce your risk of osteoporosis

Increase glucose metabolism to reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Increase your overall metabolism and burn more calories every day

Reduce your bad cholesterol AND increase your good cholesterol

Reduce low back pain, anxiety & depression

Reduce the symptoms of arthritis

Make your daily life activities easier

Mobile FIT Labs

Our community is what makes us special and it's what will keep you going

We understand that making a change is difficult, no matter the size of the change, no matter how much we want it. It feels foreign and awkward at first, and can be hard to stay motivated. We're here to help you as much as we can, but you are the only one who can take the first step.

Once you make the commitment, we support you by understanding what the "New You" looks like for you. Then we use that image to help you stay consistent with your program, provide education and resources, celebrate your victories with you, and help you move past the stumbles.

We are passionate about helping YOU on your journey to become the best you can be. Because people are what really matters and together, we can accomplish more than we ever realized!

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When not servicing clients, our van rests in Clovis

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Fitness is part of the journey, not a destination

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